The Law of One

On March 9th, 2011, we begin the 9th stage of the evolution of consciousness according to the Mayan “Long Count” calendar.  Each “day” and “night” of this final stage of the great cycle will be a scant 18 days long, meaning the entire 9th stage will complete itself on October 28th, 2011.

So I think we must ask ourselves what such an extraordinarily rapid advancement of consciousness might look like for the human race.  I think it would be wise to examine our own lives first.  As we begin to use the Spiritual tools that our Ancestors have handed down to us, we remember there is nothing new.  The Principles and Agreements and Concepts are Ancient Wisdom, and when used create grace and understanding and harmony in our lives.

As we use these tools the Spiritual vision is slowly improved, and things that once seemed to matter no longer do so.  We experience more moments in the here and now.  The concept is “Be Present”.  We observe that such things as depression are not possible if we are truly present.  We see our desires begin to melt away and realize how fear-based and petty they were and are.  Our satisfaction when serving others and community seems to acquire new depth and meaning.  Even as it is beneficial at times to view ourselves as the only one here, and see others as our mirrors and reflections, we also feel our connection to All That Is growing within us.

The Law of One is also called the Golden Rule.  It reminds us that all things are our relatives.  It is not just other humans that require and deserve our respect.

We are all things, and our Grace and respect and humility should touch All Things in the same way.  “Honor thy Mother” is one of God’s Commandments.  How we treat Mother Earth is as important as how we treat our children, our neighbors, and ourselves.

With third eye open, we see God’s creation unfold, and deep appreciation for everything opens within.  Live the Truth, my friends.  Life is not about money, or property, or intellectual bantering, or safety, or longevity; it is about Love.

The time to evolve is now, not in the afterlife, and not next year in 2012.

The time to evolve is this morning.

Reach higher, praise God, practice the Golden Rule with every step, every breath, every heartbeat and with every Prayer.

No one who truly practices the Law of One, The Golden Rule, could let anyone starve, or anyone in need of care lie unattended, or ever pollute our Earthly waters and soil.  The Mayans, the time-keepers, have reminded us that the time has come.  It is the 11th hour of the last night, my friends, and it is time to stop asking where the Love is and start manifesting it in our own lives.  Each action has a consequence.  Material matter is born from Metaphysical source, and each thought and Prayer also matters a great deal.  Respect the Earth and all that dwell thereupon.  Purify your hopes and dreams to include each child, each Mother and Father, every songbird and mud worm and every single breath of blessed air.  We are all One and we are all beloved, and separation is the true illusion.

When we honor and live these Truths our World will change.

The next stage of Spiritual Ascension for the Human race begins in March, 2011.

Praise be to God, and may my thoughts be God’s thoughts, my deeds be God’s deeds, and all the more, my actions be God’s actions.