About the course facilitator

Claude Hudson Albert

I am many things - a husband and father, a brother and son, a small business owner, and a musician and song writer, but most of all I am a spiritual being having a human experience - and that experience has not always been the smoothest of rides.

I began my quest for answers and spiritual clarity in 1995 by attending a meditation and personal growth seminar at The Arica Institute in New York City. The information presented there was of a quality which sparked my continued interest.

My next venture in personal development was a 10-day course in Florida with a group named Avatar, which concluded with me being awarded an Avatar Master Certificate.

I later went on an excursion to Texas to study with another personal growth group, in a similar 10-day course. The course was entitled "Knowledgism", for which I earnied a Life Coaching Certificate.

Over the years, my studies in the personal development field intensified, and consisted primarily of the work of Anthony Robbins, Dr. Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, don Miguel Ruiz, David Hawkins and David Wilcock.

And then sometime around 2005, I was introduced to Michael Cavallaro, the author of "The 55 Concepts", and the founder and director of The Metaphysical Mentoring Institute. I decided to enroll at the Institute, and studied there for 2 years.

The creation of this website, and my teaching of The 12 Principles course at the Mercer Free School, is the synthesis of all these teachings and experience. My hope is that I may be of service and help to others, just as the above-mentioned individuals have been to me.

Peace and best wishes to all.