The 7 Habits

1)  Be Proactive.  Focus on the things within your circle of influence. Take responsibility for your life and your creations.

2)  Begin with the End in Mind.  Use your vision and imagination to discover your true path, and then follow it.

3)  Put First Things First.  Write the blueprint and then implement the plan. Daily action is required for effective living and personal growth.

4)  Think "Win / Win" or "No deal".  Think in terms of cooperation, rather than competition.

5)  Seek First to Understand...then to be Understood.  Learn how to listen.  Transcend your autobiography and pay attention to other points of view.

6)  Synergize.  Two heads are better than one.  Learn how to recognize others gifts, and be open to sharing and co-creation.

7)  "Sharpen the Saw".  Make sure that each day you spend time honing and balancing all the areas of life that are important to you.