The 4 Agreements

1)  Be Impeccable with Your Word.

On the surface this agreement reminds us to be honest and a truth-teller. Keep your word and honor your dealings with others at all times. On another level, we are reminded of the power of our words. Use your words and your communication with others to uplift, encourage and empower. We are not talking about false praise, but genuine and heartfelt vision that recognizes the Divine spark and unique gifts in all of God's children.

2)  Don’t Take Anything Personally.

If you should happen along and see an insane person shouting insults at everyone they saw in the street, would you ever take this person’s verbal assault to heart personally? Of course not. Try to imagine that anyone who is angry, or insecure, or demanding, or acting in an insulting way is temporarily insane. You can not know why someone else is upset, so do not assume you do or make a mistake and judge this person. Embrace personal responsibility for your energetic condition, and do not accept poison from temporarily insane people. Every human being I have met goes crazy from time to time, and no one is doing anything to you. Take nothing personally, and be amazed at the power and benefit of this powerful agreement.

3)  Don’t Make Assumptions.

No one is a mind reader. For some reason human beings love to assume things about why another person is doing something. This practice is illogical, unreasonable, irrational and unproductive. Life is not all about you. Stop pretending you are a mind reader.

4)  Always Do Your Best.

Our best varies from day to day for each of us. It varies with circumstance and physical condition. To stop judging others means also to grant yourself the benefit of the doubt. Enlightenment and Spiritual growth comes in small doses, and much like trust, takes a certain amount of time. Simply do your best and be patient with this process.