The 12 Principles (short version)

1)  Humility     Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereupon with deep respect. Recognize the divinity in every human being. Going deeper manifests as "gratitude".

2)  Purity     Connect with your own spirit and clarify your life’s purpose and intention. Going deeper equals "forgiveness".

3)  Charity     Learn to listen to and understand another person’s point of view. Stop confessing another person's sin. Going deeper helps you let go of all judgments.

4)  Personal Responsibility     Own your behaviors and stop blaming others. Owning your behaviors and issues enables you to change them, and facilitates personal growth.

5)  Effectiveness     Making a difference in your own life enables you to make a difference in the lives of others. Make community service a part of your life.

6)  Integrity     Use your words to speak the truth, and be a "promise keeper". The deeper understanding is to uplift people and make more of them with your actions and words.

7)  Courage     Be willing to take a stand. Do not tolerate bullies or abuse.

8)  Simplicity     Life is simple; it is human beings who complicate things. Be kind and respectful, if you would have others be kind and respectful to you.

9)  Temperance     Look after the well-being of your spirit and mind and body.

10)  Justice     Be fair and considerate and respectful in all your dealings.

11)  Cheerfulness     Everyone is ready in their own time. No one is here to preach, but we are all here to experience. Experience the joy and fun in life.

12)  Wisdom     The product of a garden well-tended is healthy blossoms. Use the Principles and observe the difference in your life.