Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9th 2011 The Dawning of a new Day?

This morning is, according to the Mayan Calendar and their time keepers, the beginning of the 9th stage of Evolution and what they call the Universal Cycle. As each cycle in the Mayan system completes itself 20 times faster than the previous cycle this final stage will complete on October 28th 2011.
So, in practical terms, what can the dawning of a new day, or a new cycle mean to us?
Remember please, simplicity is one of the Principles.
Each day we create ourselves anew but most of us are not doing so consciously.   
If you remember the movie Groundhog Day, you will remember that the patterns did not change for Bill Murray until he changed. It is the same for all of us.
The Mayans have been unerringly Prophetic for the last 5000 years or so and I personally believe it would be wise to pay them due respect at this time.
That the way we are living is unsustainable, unprincipled and unacceptable is painfully obvious.
The system is reaching its tipping point on every front, from the environment, to the imminent financial collapse and the heart breaking reality that thousands of children die every day due, not from lack of food, but from a lack of money to bring the food to the impoverished areas where they live.
Our ego based system of competition and ownership and control of natural resource has utterly failed and has always been more than disgraceful. We have forgotten that love and respect and honor are the true riches in life and hide behind the false sanctity of "caring for our own" to promote weak versions of family and National values.
As the Ghost so aptly reminded us in the Dickens classic "Mankind IS your business".

No child, no Elder, no Woman and no Man should be left behind.
The Principles show us the way forward.
The Principles are Gods Laws written to help guide us to the Truth.
Not one child on this Earth would ever starve if we all used these guidelines.
Look in your own child's eyes and tell me if a world where they would be left to starve would ever be one you could gracefully accept? 
Begin in your own life.
The Mayans clearly knew something. I hope and I pray that this Universal Cycle is heralding a new Dawn. Let it be one of Unity Consciousness. Let it be the Dawn of a day where money is no factor in the health and welfare of our Planet and all of Her children that dwell thereupon. Let it be a day where every man woman and child is raised up with the Golden Rule as their Standard. One for all and all for One.

We all seem to applaud such concepts in the Movies and understand them but then we dismiss them as unrealistic in so called "real life". Well, the time has come to get real. The difference between lip service and heartfelt action is quite stark. If you have ever done personal growth work yourself you know this.
If you are not being the agent of change in your family and community and in the World it is time to begin.
My intuition tells me that profound change is going to rock this World and soon.
My prayers will continue to be for Gods will to be done. In the name of Love that honestly leaves much to be undone.
The work that needs to be done, as always, is the work within.
The Principles and Agreements and Concepts are the guideposts through the rough waters. Use them and may God Bless you, everyone.



Monday, March 7, 2011

This weeks Class, Tuesday March 8th is Cancelled

Good morning everyone, I am set back at the moment with a case of walking pneumonia and I am canceling this weeks class at the community center as a result. Our next class will be Saint Paddys day, Thursday March 17th at the Lawrenceville Library.  7pm room #5 (not our usual room).
I hope to see you all then,