Thursday, February 17, 2011

The next class is March 8th

Firstly, thank you everyone for attending last nights class! Next month there is a variation in the schedule. We will be at the Community Center on Tuesday March 8th. Then we will be at the Library on Thursday night March 17th in room #5 which is not our typical room. In the meantime, blessings and peace.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dreaming the World we wish for.................

Some Mystic traditions tell us that our World is really an illusion and is just our "dream". So what if this is true? Where are you placing your energy and focus and what are you "dreaming" into existence?
Are you fearful of the state of the environment and economy? Do you believe the 2011 and 2012 Mythology is one of doom and gloom or a story of hope and rebirth? Just as the 1st Principle teaches us the power and importance of Gratitude in our own lives, it is just as powerful in community. Here is a suggestion. Instead of being depressed about the pollution of our Oceans and Rivers, try "dreaming" about clean River and Ocean water, principled and sustainable farming practices, and what our World will look like once we collectively live with deep levels of respect and appreciation for Mother Earth. We are all creative beings and our creative power is greater than we realize. Once you crystallize and feel the vision, your actions and impact on community will begin to reflect your heart. If each person only purchased organic foods, we would have only organic farming. Personal responsibility is one of the Principles. Life is not an auto pilot experience, we must learn to create better if we wish for better.